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Rev. Jim Webb

Senior Minister, Takoma Metaphysical Chapel

Senior Minister Rev. Jim Webb is an Ordained Interfaith Minister who has
constructed a path to contentment based on the guidance he receives through
his spiritual connection. He has appeared on national television, as well as
lectured and led seminars nationally. He is the author of Pathways to Inner
Peace and The Keys to Enlightened Living: Channeled Messages from the

Rev. Jim has also applied the Pathways described in his book successfully in
every aspect of his life. He has been a student and teacher of metaphysics for
over 20 years. He received his spiritual training at the First Universal Spiritualist
Church of Manhattan and was ordained as a Minister by the New Seminary in
New York in 1996. In addition to his Masters in Divinity, Rev. Jim is a graduate of
the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and holds an MBA in
International Business and Finance.

Rev. Jim left a position as Vice President of Marketing for a Computer Company
to pursue his calling as a full-time Minister, and his unique combination of
spiritual depth and practical experience helps him to provide spiritually sound
yet practical support to those with whom he counsels. His warm, loving
demeanor and inspiring counseling style has helped many to transcend their
fears, doubts and limitations to manifest happiness, abundance and spiritual

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